Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating being FOUR and the FOURTH!

Happy Fourth of July!!

We spent this past week with my dad at his cabin. We started by enjoying the Independence Day parade in the town of Blue Ridge, followed by an incredible fireworks show that night. Isaac was too young last year to remember the fireworks from last year, so it was entertaining to watch him. Michael loved them, as usual, and watched through his "binoculars". Blue Ridge always does a nice job on the Fourth of July!

A few days later -on the actual fourth- We celebrated Michael's birthday a little early with G-Daddy and Mimi. This little man is going to be FOUR in just a few days. By the way, the picture on the top right is Michael's face when the parade ended. He was a little disappointed! He loves parades.... and the candy that they throw at him.

We enjoyed the rest of the week in the mountains just relaxing, taking it easy, drinking Yoo-Hoo, throwing rocks, and gem mining. Michael has never mined for gems before. He loved it. He thought he was looking for "treasure" like a pirate. We found lots of good treasures for sure! Isaac loved watching his brother have so much fun. He'll get to find treasures of his own next time.

We enjoyed our time in the mountains. It's nice to slow down and be away from home and do fun things with Grandparents. We didn't escape the heat though - it got up to 106 degrees! That's when you head in and drink a Yoo-Hoo....

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