Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mother-Son Date Knight

I have seen Chick-fil-a's Daddy-Daughter date nights numerous times over the last several years and have always mentioned that I wish they would do one for Mothers and Sons. Well, my thoughts were heard and this year they had a Mother-Son Date Knight! I was so excited when I started seeing the advertisements. Maybe this wasn't the first year they have done this, but it was the first year I noticed!
We made our reservation weeks in advance and I got Michael excited to take me on a date! He even wore his "handsome shirt" for me! Chick-fil-a did it up big. I am always so impressed with that company. We were welcomed by a real knight in shining armor and a cow knight. We had our picture taken (and they printed it and gave it to us!) and then we were seated in the restaurant by the King and Queen's court.
It wasn't a normal day at Chick-fil-a. Our orders were taken by the waiter and he brought our food to us. There was a man making balloon swords for the boys and balloon flowers for the moms. There were questions on the table to act as conversation starters for mothers and sons. They were for older kids, but we had fun talking about how to be a gentleman and how to be courageous like a knight. Michael loved it! 

Isaac loved it too! He got his first kids meal on this night. The grilled nuggets and applesauce were just what he wanted!

We completed the night with some ice cream. I am so glad that I got a date night with my boys. I look forward to many more of these. I pray that they will grow to learn how to treat a lady with respect, to use good manners, and to act like gentlemen. I will gladly let them practice with me! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Isaac Turns "Uno"!

For Isaac's first birthday party, we went with an "UNO" theme. I thought it was quite appropriate since we are teaching our kids Spanish (and it's just cute!).
 Our typical party food - deli sandwiches (and my Dad's famous pimento cheese sandwiches), fruit, chips...
 Kid food - animal crackers and applesauce...
 The first cake I have ever made...ever!! An uno card!
I didn't get Isaac's picture with many people, but I did get a few of him with my dad. I love this picture! Isaac has such a sweet face. You can get a good look at his Uno shirt, too! :)
 We enjoy having our childrens' parties at a local park on the lake. This is where the kids usually end up... throwing rocks into the lake and getting Georgia red clay on their shoes!
 Michael loved being a big brother at the party. He was so proud of his one-year-old buddy. When Isaac needed help opening presents, Michael was right there! Of course he had to have a shirt to match the party theme....
 And here's the birthday boy after enjoying his cupcake! Someone has a sweet tooth like his mama!
Isaac loved being the center of attention! He is surrounded by many people that love him. He is one blessed boy!

On another note... I did learn a lesson at this party. I tried to be responsible for taking the pictures myself and missed out on so many opportunities. We didn't even get a family picture at the party! However, both of Isaac's Grandmas are so nice for taking pictures and letting me steal them! Thank you!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Isaac is ONE!

Happy birthday, Isaac!
You are growing so big and strong - such a long way from where you started. I love watching you learn new things every day. It seems like I am fascinated by something that you do all the time!

You are still {mostly} happy! You love to laugh and smile, but there are definitely times where you show your fussy side! Your fussy side is still adorable though.

You're not walking quite yet, but we are working on it! You like to hold our hands and try to work those legs. I think you have shown us that you will do things in your own time.

You have 8 teeth - four on the top and four on the bottom.

You eat like a champ! I mean, you are going to eat us out of house and home if this keeps up!

You are also a little moocher. If someone has food, you gravitate toward them like a magnet. You love food. Your favorites are bananas, cheerios, oranges, yogurt and applesauce!

Thank you for being such a joy, little man! I am looking forward to you growing and playing with your brother Michael. You guys have such a sweet relationship. I pray that God will fill you up with the fruits of the spirit and that you will grow to know Him more every day.

We love you so much!