Thursday, May 28, 2009

He's all that...and he walks too!

Michael has been working on his walking skills for the past month or so...he took his first official steps on Cinco de Mayo. He was almost 10 months old at the time!

Here's a video hot off the press of him walking down our hallway! This is probably the most steps he's taken!

What's really funny is that he is walking toward our kitchen - which is a DISASTER - and I was getting nervous the closer he got because I didn't want to show our messy house on the blog! Ha! The things I think of....

Sam and I are so happy that it is officially SUMMER BREAK for us! We took a nice long walk last night at the golf course and took Sugar to the lake this morning for a little swim! She loves the summertime just as much as we do!!

Happy summer to you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Myrtle Beach

We spent this past weekend at Myrtle Beach! It was Michael's second trip to the beach, but we got to be there a little longer this time around! We spend all day Saturday and Sunday laying on the beach. Michael's grandparents were such a blessing because they took him for walks on the pier and let Mommy get a little suntan! How nice!! It's also nice to not be so white as I was before! Oh how I love laying on the beach!

Not only was it so nice to be at the beach, but we were there with Sam's WHOLE family. This just doesn't happen except at Christmas, and even then it's a miracle to get us all together! We're all going different ways for the summer, so it was great to spend time with each other and catch up on each others' lives!

Sam and I are back for a couple of teacher work days at school and then it's officially summer on Thursday! If it stops raining, I think I would like to celebrate with a little time spent outside...picnic maybe!? S'mores? Oh, how I love the summer!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How about this nice weather?'s been quite a while since my last post! Time has really flown by and this little man is keeping me busy! He's starting to walk now - taking a few steps at a time before he just gets down and crawls!
It's so funny to watch him because he gets tickled with himself when he walks! It's like he's proud of what he can do! It won't be long before I'll be chasing him everywhere...
I just had to get out all of Michael's 12 month clothes. It was like Christmas! I forgot how many things he had already! I've been collecting from consignment sales, clearance racks, and gifts! I think we're set for the whole summer!

The weather has really been nice the past week (after A LOT of much needed rain)! I have discovered a new place to go walking with Michael! Our neighborhood isn't really a great place to go for a walk - no sidewalks and narrow streets! However, the golf course down the street is perfect!! They let you walk on the cart paths in the evenings, so I think you'll find me there just about every night! In fact, we're headed there in about 20 minutes when Michael wakes up from his nap! Yay for that!

We're headed for the beach (again!) for Memorial Day Weekend! I'm hoping the rain holds off so we can enjoy some sun and water! Be looking for pictures coming soon!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Tour!!

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly at Kelly's Korner, is hosting a tour of homes called "Show us where you live Friday". She does this every Friday - she just started last week! She does a room a week and last week was kitchens. I wanted to participate, but I'm still cleaning that ole' March Madness bracket off our our wall. Once that's done, maybe I'll post a kitchen tour!

This week is living rooms, so I'm opening my door to let you tour! It's so much fun to look into other people's houses, so go check out her blog and look at other living rooms! You can get some really great decorating ideas! :)

This is the view as you walk in from our kitchen. Sugar wanted to join the picture! Our TV is huge, huh? I really didn't want a TV that big when we moved in, but it's really grown on me... I'm loving the HD.
This is our fake fireplace.... I really was bummed when I saw our house didn't have a fireplace, so this was a house "warming" gift from my mom. The amish star above it is one of my favorite things in the room! :)
This is the back of the living room... the console table and Michael's toys. I just painted that toy box a little while ago. I don't want toys taking over the room, so if it doesn't fit in the box it can't come in here...besides that little table thing! :) The window picture frame is also one of my favorite things. I got the idea from my sister-in-law's wedding shower! I absolutely LOVE looking at it! The verse on it reminds me of just how blessed I am!

This is a painting I did last year that hangs on the wall...
I love our couches! They were hand-me-downs from my mom! I just love how big and comfy they are! I think we'll keep them until they're busting at the seams!!
Well, I hope you enjoyed your little tour!! Stay tuned for some kitchen pictures and for whatever next week's theme is! 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uncle David

Today, Michael and I went to visit my brother David while he was working at the fire station. Michael has never been there before, so we thought it would be fun for him to play in the truck! He looked so little next to the steering wheel! David enjoyed having a visitor, too! 

Notice Michael's fire truck shirt - perfect for the occasion! 

Who knows? Maybe we have a future fireman on our hands!