Monday, August 29, 2011


Remember my business that I have with my friend Jennie? 

We've been busy creating new things for the fall and winter and also getting things together to be featured on GroopDealz today! Go check it out!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Boy

Our big boy is now potty trained!! Hallelujah!
He ventured outside in his big boy underwear and cowboy boots... and I captured the moment!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm big on name meanings. If I like a name and then discover that it's meaning is not good, then that name goes out the window! Isaac's name means 'laughter'. I LOVE that meaning. It completely embodies the spirit that I want for my son.

Even while I was pregnant, I wondered what my son would look like and I wondered what his laugh was going to sound like. One of my favorite sounds in the world is children laughing!

Well... Isaac has started to laugh! He's got the cutest little giggle! He doesn't laugh longer than a second, but his smiles go all day long. Whenever you make eye contact with him, it's almost a guaranteed smile! I just love it. Can't get enough!
He is the sweetest most content little baby! We are so blessed. We have so much more laughter to come in the future and for that I am thankful!
isaac edit

Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael's 3rd Birthday Party... For Realz!

I found the pictures! The memory stick was in my diaper bag the whole time. I've checked there 237 times already and this time I finally found it!

Michael has been three years old for a month now. We celebrated last month with a Mickey Mouse birthday party! He could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for hours on end, so he was so excited about this theme!

Some friends of ours let us have the party at their house and take advantage of their pool. It's hard having a birthday in July because our house isn't big enough to host lots of people and it's no fun being inside anyway! Michael loves being outside, but there needs to be a water source! We also had access to the air conditioning for the old folks (ahem....Dad) that couldn't take the heat! Isaac liked the air conditioning too!

I make cupcakes for his birthday every year. My mom helped me this year! I wish I could make amazing cakes, but I still haven't mastered that skill. I enjoy finding some way to make them extra cute! :)
2011-08-12 1
Have you had the Ghiradelli chocolate cupcakes? They are amazing! Michael thinks so too!
Notice Michael's mouse ears. I made those as party favors for all the kids. The girls had a Minnie Mouse bow on top! I also made a Minnie Mouse bow for myself!

We had so much fun swimming with our friends and opening his presents! Michael still talks about his Mickey Mouse pool party and all the presents he got!
Michael has become quite the fish this summer....he loves being in the water!
Isaac got in on the Mickey Mouse fun, but couldn't stay up long enough to party with us!

Happy (late) birthday Michael! We love you so much! I can't believe you are now THREE!

Michael's 3rd Birthday Party

.....just kidding!

I really want to post about his birthday party! I've been wanting to do this for about a month (hence the reason I've been posting so rarely).

However, I seem to have misplaced the memory stick with the pictures on it. My mom has all the pictures on her camera and gave me a copy. I remember putting it somewhere, but I can't remember where!

This is how my brain is all.the.time. I have serious mommy brain! So, I'm spending today - as I've spent the last several days - organizing and cleaning until I find that thing! It's only 2 inches long, so this will be so much fun! (said with a small bit of sarcasm)

I promise you it's a super fun party..... just hang tight.... be right back!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A letter to a 3 year old...

Dear 3-year-old Michael,

You are so much fun! Your daddy and I talk about how proud we are of you every day. Sometimes we sneak into your room after you've gone asleep and just look at you and smile. We love you so much. You are growing up too fast though. You need to slow down a bit!

Your favorite toys right now are your Woody and Buzz and Lightning McQueen car (all birthday presents). You also LOVE little matchbox cars. You are in the 'pretend' stage now and it's fun to hear you have conversations with your toys. Just yesterday I was listening to you make voices for Mickey and Elmo. They were taking turns driving a car in your room. I loved it!

You love to watch Veggie Tales and Mickey Mouse. You probably would watch those things 24/7 if I let you. I kind of retired Thomas the Train without telling you because the song was making me go crazy. Sorry about that.

You are still not potty trained. It's partly my fault because I have a hard time staying home long enough to do it. We're working on it though. I refuse to do the messy method where you might pee in the house, so I'm just hoping you can learn while wearing a diaper. Hopefully you'll just get the hang of it one of these days! You don't seem to care too much about the potty right now....

You are so easy to have a conversation with. You catch on to so many words and phrases! I love when you say something totally new and surprise us! You sound like such a grown up sometimes!

You are so sweet to your little brother. He adores you! You love to make him smile and you like to pretend that he's telling you stories! You say "Uh huh... And then what happened?"

Before you were born, your daddy and I had conversations about the kind of person that we wanted you to be. I said I wanted God to make you kind. Daddy said he wanted God to make you athletic. I think God has more than blessed us with those attributes in your life! You ooze fruits of the Spirit! I am so thankful that God is stirring in your heart at such a young age! I can't wait for the day that you have your own relationship with your Savior! I am confident that you are going to be an incredible man of God and that you are going to draw so many people to Him!
We love you to the moon.... and back!
Mommy & Daddy