Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new tradition...

Yesterday, my mom and I took Michael to Lenox Square Mall to see Santa and ride the Pink Pig. We had such a good time and decided that it's going to be our tradition each year. We discovered that the Pink Pig has been in Atlanta since 1953 and this was the first time that either of us had been to see it! Michael loved it!! :)
He also loved Santa. He even looked up at him as if he was telling him what he wanted for Christmas! He didn't exactly smile in the picture, but he was content. And Santa was so nice...he just made our day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So, I have always wanted my family to have matching monogrammed stockings hanging on the mantle. I think that's one of those little things that you dream about when you're a little girl. Is that normal? that we have Michael, I thought this was really important (haha!!). I had this idea in my head, but could never find exactly what I was looking for.

But, over the last couple of nights, I have slaved away at the sewing machine and created these little beauties...

Don't you just LOVE them?? I am so proud of myself. The next step is to get our names monogrammed on them. That might not happen before Christmas seeing how it is very last minute and those monogramming ladies are probably BOOKED!

I was just so excited that I had to come blog before going to bed...
I love this time of year...*smile*

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the Thanksgiving festivities have come to an end. We spend 4 days celebrating with our families and eating a TON of food....good food!! Michael got to taste some sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes...just a little bit, though!! :)

Michael got to spend some time with his cousin, Maylin. They are sweet together...he loves to just look at her!

Now, it's time to start thinking "CHRISTMAS"!!! I love this time of year!! I got the decorations up and stockings hung! I need to get Michael a stocking and an ornament! I put up the tree tonight and put the lights on. I think I'll get to the ornaments tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am so blessed!

God has given me a great opportunity to be the two things I love - a teacher and a mother!

I work part-time as an ESOL teacher. I only work 2 or 3 days a week, so this allows me to stay at home most days with Michael. I have a wonderful mother and mother-in-law that take care of Michael on the days that I work!! Without them, I'm really not sure what I would do!

For those of you that don't know, I taught in the regular classroom for two years. I taught 2nd grade and 3rd grade and absolutely LOVED both years. My kids were awesome and I miss them and think about them all the time! However, I wanted to stay at home as much as possible once I had a baby. In order to work part-time, I had to move schools and positions. I am not in a regular classroom anymore. I spend most of my day co-teaching which is where I go into the different 3rd grade classrooms and teach a small group of students.

I have recently realized that I don't think about school once I'm at home. I LOVE THIS! Before, my afternoons and evenings were spent planning lessons, grading papers, and working in my classroom. Now, I get to leave all of that at school and focus on Michael once I'm at home.

I love watching him grow and learn new things every day! The other day, we took a walk (Michael was in the Baby Bjorn) down our street with Sugar, our Golden Retriever. Michael started giggling like I had never heard before! I absolutely love his laugh and just can't get enough of it.

He hasn't laughed like that since then, but I hope that he will start doing it all the time. However, he did let out a little chuckle while at my mom's house the other day. Here's the video.

I hope this brings a smile to your face! It does to mine!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been so excited to start feeding solids to Michael. After the doctor told me that we could start feeding him rice cereal, I went straight to the store and got some spoons and cereal.

Last night, Sam and I put Michael in his high chair for the first time and tried to feed him his cereal. He was not having it! Maybe it was because it was so late in the evening and he just woke up from a nap! The last thing he wanted to do was TRY to eat from a spoon.

Anyway, here's what last night looked like....

We're going to try this again today - maybe sometime after he's already eaten and his tummy is full! That way he won't be so cranky when he can't get any food! :)

I'll keep you posted....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael is walking!

Well, he "walks" while he holds his daddy's hands! We went to the doctor yesterday and I had to ask if this was good for him. The doctor said that he can do as much weight-bearing as his little legs can stand!

He loves standing up and just wants to move on his own! I'm sure he'll be an early walker!! I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we go...

I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I thought it was a great way for family and friends to keep up with our happenings and what's going on in Michael's life.

Michael is now 4 months old! I cannot believe that those 4 months have gone so fast. I remember people telling me how fast it goes, but you don't really think about it until you look back! Sam and I were looking at pictures yesterday and already can't believe how much he's grown! I know you moms out there are laughing at me because you know exactly what I mean and you can't believe that your little babies are having babies, right mom?

Here's how Michael's first months have gone so far...
-born July 9, 2008
-took a road trip to Kansas City, Des Moines, Chicago, and Indiana - phew!
-saw his baby cousin, Maylin, in Statesboro (they're 10 weeks apart!)
-went to a Braves game and a Falcons game (versus the Bears)
-went to Burt's pumpkin farm and on a hay ride!
-went to Sam's cross country state meet in Carrolton - Michael's first REALLY cold weather!
-had LOTS of shots at the doctor's office
-he's rolling, babbling, smiling like crazy, standing while holding hands

Michael is pretty well-traveled and has gotten to do a lot of fun things in his first 4 months of life! I know that he has many more adventures ahead of him in his life, so he better get used to it!! Here's a summary in pictures...

Michael's birthday - July 9, 2008

Road Trip - July 2008

Sporting Events - The Bears/Falcons game and the Braves game

Burt's Pumpkin farm with Grandma

Happy Halloween 2008