Friday, May 21, 2010

More wedding...

I knew I forgot some pictures! Here's a few from the ceremony and reception of Kennedy and Michael. They both did so well in rehearsal, but when it came time to walk in front of a crowd, Michael turned on the scared face! He still did a great job! I was a proud mama!
By the way, the groomsmen all had on green vests under their tuxes. Michael's tux came with a black vest and bowtie, so he didn't look like one of the guys. They didn't sell green vests in Michael's size, so I made him one to match! :) He fit in perfectly!

Mr. and Mrs. Brother!

My not-so-little brother is officially "grown up"! David married Summer on May 8, 2010, so he's been married for 2 whole weeks now! They got married at an outdoor atrium where there were arbors covered in Jasmine and stone aisles to walk down. The weather was nice and the wedding was beautiful!

Summer's daughter (and now David's), Kennedy, was the flower girl and Michael was the ring bearer. They love each other, so they enjoyed walking down the aisle together! It actually helped Michael to have someone to follow. Of course they did need a little coaxing from Sam to get started. Look at these stud muffins...Sam and Michael...
Summer chose pink and green as her colors and they looked gorgeous on all her bridesmaids! Don't you just LOVE the side ponytail with the pink flower? Me too! (Side note: I've been REALLY into wearing flowers in my hair lately...I digress)
David was so handsome! I love looking at the groom's face when the bride starts walking down the aisle... I caught David's face just in time!
Michael got down on the dance floor when the ceremony was over! He had to show off some of his signature moves he's been working on for the last several months...
I'm so glad to see David find "the one" and so glad to have Summer as part of our family! I pray for a long, loving, Godly marriage for these two! Cheers to that!