Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Adventure!

We're about to do this again...
Michael - only a few minutes old...

It's official "blog news"! Baby #2 is on the way...coming May 3, 2011! I am 9 weeks along today.

We're so excited because we went to the doctor this morning and were able to hear the heartbeat! We didn't get an ultrasound (don't know why...Michael had one at 9 weeks, but whatever), but the midwife was able to hear it using the doppler machine.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with this life and with a beating heart!

I've just started feeling nauseated these past couple of weeks. I feel good in the mornings and during the day, but start feeling sick around dinnertime. ugh... However, I'm thankful for life and for sickness! I will deal with it! :)

I've also started showing already...not so happy about that. I'm probably already as big as I was at about 15 weeks with Michael. I haven't had to break out the maternity clothes yet, but that won't be long!

I will keep you posted as I progress... We go back to the doctor in 3 weeks for our first ultrasound! So excited!

Monday, September 27, 2010


One thing you may not know: Sam is a high school cross country coach. He practices with the kids every day by running anywhere from 5 to 13 miles. It's crazy! Some days he just goes out there and runs a half-marathon. Wow....wish I could do that! His runners love him! I love hearing the stories about how Sam has impacted all of their lives.
Another life that has been impacted by the coach... Michael. He is at the age now where he wants to do what Sam does. He looks up to him so much! One day after Sam's practice, Michael says "Michael run too?". He went and got his tennis shoes and socks out of his room all by himself because he was so excited!
Our street isn't very long so it's a perfect run for a little toddler. Sam and Michael ran down the street and back. Michael has so much energy! He ran the whole time. At the end of the run, the coach had Michael do his stretches. They did leg stretches, butterfly stretches, and pushups! Look at Michael's form! ha! Another sport to add to Michael's list: running!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that Michael calls my dad G-Daddy? It's so cute to hear him say it... he's really gotten the hang of all his grandparents' names now. I love that each of them has a different name and he knows who they all are.

This past weekend we had a chance to spend some time at my dad's house. We swam in the pool - well, Michael swam in the pool while G-Daddy cleaned it out. I sat with my feet in the water. It's already too cold for me. I'm a wimp!

We also took a joy ride in my dad's jeep. We strapped Michael's carseat in the back and went out on the town! Michael seemed to enjoy it. He was putting his hands up like he was riding a roller coaster and saying "WEEE!"
We had lots of fun...I'm glad I have a picture to capture that moment. Thank God for camera phones!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach Family Reunion

A couple of weeks ago, my mom's side of the family decided to have our first ever family reunion at Tybee Island. These were all my cousins from my grandpa's brothers and sisters. There is only one living sister left, my Great Aunt Lois. She was able to help all the ladies go through their pictures and identify people, tell stories, and help with geneology information. It was fun just to listen to her tell these stories from her childhood and teen years. I love that 40's (ish) era....
(These pictures aren't the best quality because they're taken with my phone or copied from facebook, but you get the point.)

We spent the weekend in Tybee and had all day Saturday to enjoy the beach...and enjoy the beach we did! There was a chance of rain, but that held off just for me! :)
We saw lots of these beach cruisers. I plan to own one of these one day...just like this one. Pink with streamers coming out of the handles... *bliss*
Sam, Michael, and I at dinner at "Fannie's on the Beach"...
The whole family (minus a few that didn't come).... Some of these people I haven't seen in 20 years....Some I've never even met before. The yellow group is my family - from my Grandpa. The other colors are the other brothers and sister's families. There were 5 of them in all.
Apparently we're going to start making this a yearly tradition. It was so hot on the beach that everyone else is voting for the mountains next year, but I'm secretly hoping that the tide will pull them back to the beach! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Growing up too fast

Michael is in that stage that he really watches and takes note of your words and actions. One of his recent observations was watching Daddy shave. He likes to see what you're doing and say "Michael ______(insert action here) too?" So in this instance he said "Michael shave too?"
Daddy had some disposable razors with the plastic shield over it, so we let Michael "shave"...complete with shaving cream on his face! It was so cute, but I'm glad he's not REALLY shaving...not ready for that yet!
Look! No beard!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kansas City here I come....or there we were....

It's been a while....I'm still here... I've got some good blogs to post this week! My goal is to actually get them posted. I'm still playing catch up from our summer, but that just gives me more to write about.

These pictures were taken in Kansas City, Missouri. Sam's Grandma and uncle live there, so we stopped by on our way home from our Des Moines trip. We were only there for a short while, but were glad for the visit. Grandma Lois' husband, Loren, always likes to treat us to breakfast when we come, but this time it was lunch. I still had french toast, though! Thank God for restaurants that serve breakfast all day! Thanks, Loren, for the treat!
We also had the chance to celebrate with Grandma Lois this past week as she visited Georgia. We always wish we had more time, but that helps us to cherish the sweet moments we have together.