Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Book List

I was just telling Sam the other day that I would love a day where I can just read and sleep all day long. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe when I am 50!

I LOVE reading! I try to read a little every night. It actually makes me sleepy so it helps me unwind at the end of the day. I got a Kindle for Christmas and have already read the whole Hunger Games Trilogy. So good. Sooooo good.

I have seen several other bloggers make their list of books they would like to read for the year. I love the idea of setting a goal. It also eliminates the question of "What do I read next?"

Here's my list:
1. The Help - I haven't seen the movie yet because I want to read the book first. I have heard fantastic things about this book/movie!

2. The Well Behaved Child - Well, simply because I would love some insight on having well behaved children... I've heard this book is good. I think John Rosemond is wise. Obviously with these types of books, you take some advice and leave some... depending on what works best for your family. We shall see!
3. Grace for the Good Girl - Written by Emily from Chatting at the Sky. I've read reviews on this book and it sounds just lovely!
4. How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World - The art of living with style, class, and grace. I love me some Audrey Hepburn and some pearls!

5. How do you Tuck in a Superhero? - I got this book for Christmas! I love having my two boys and I'm anxious to hear from this mom who has FIVE sons!

6. Organized Simplicity - Well, those two words sum up the goal I want for my home, so this book looks delightful!
7. Give Them Grace - The subtitle is "Dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus"... Isn't that the goal?
8. Israel, My Beloved - I love reading Christian fiction (Redeeming Love is my all-time favorite book) and this one sounds fabulous!

Okay... So 8 books is a good start. If I finish those, I'll come up with some more. But I'm just going to work on reading these before the year is over!

Have you read any good books lately? I would love some suggestions!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Baby Food

As I was making some baby food for Isaac this afternoon, I thought it would be fun to capture it in pictures and share with you! I make most of Isaac's baby food. I will buy those squeezable baby food packs that he can feed himself when we are out, but most of the time he eats what I make. I have found that it saves us a bunch of money when I make his food!

I tried to make baby food for Michael when he was younger, but I talked myself into thinking that it was a huge inconvenience. This time around, I think just the opposite! I will spend a little time stocking up on our baby food and then we are good for the week!

I got this recipe from Erin at The Healthy Branscoms who got it from Wholesome Baby Food (great resource!!). I also have a book that I use for other foods called Blender Baby Food. I usually boil the veggies, but I like to bake squash and sweet potatoes. You could boil them as well... I just chose to bake this time!

Start with a squash of your choice... I chose an acorn squash because my mother in law gave one to me! :)

Cut it in half. You could scoop the seeds out now, but I chose to scoop after they were cooked. They came out easy-peasy!

Place in a dish with the faces down. Do you call those faces? Meat? Whatever... Put the yellow side down. Put in just enough water to cover the bottom - about 1/2 inch deep.
Now bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. It could probably take longer if your squash is bigger, but 45 minutes was plenty for this one!

Then I scooped out the seeds and scooped the squash into my handy dandy Magic Bullet cup. You could most definitely use a regular blender. It was actually soft enough where I could smash it with a fork, but I was having a lazy day. Didn't want to do any smashing.

And then puree.....

 Then I transferred it into my cute little baby food containers that I got on clearance at CVS! :) If I know Isaac will be eating them in the next couple of days, I put them in the fridge. Otherwise we keep them in the freezer.

I also label the tops of my containers with a dry erase marker so I know what's inside. I guess it doesn't really matter since Isaac will eat whatever I give him. But i just feel all organized that way....

And there you have it folks! Homemade baby squash! It's really easy to make, baby loves it,  it saves us money, and there's no preservatives in it! Win!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Please know that I am writing this to myself. These are thoughts I've had for a while and thought they were worth sharing. I've even put blogging on the back-burner for a while because I feel like it's a struggle for so many women! I didn't want to write another post until I addressed this first.

We all feel that pang of guilt from time to time....

Am I being a good mom? Am I being a good wife? My house should be cleaner... My children should play more... I should be more in shape... 

As women, we often compare ourselves to others - me included! I think that with the popularity and accessibility of Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, etc... we get to peek into each others' lives a bit. I am quite a nosey person, so I LOVE getting to see what other people do! I even find joy in seeing the organization of someone's bathroom cabinets!

We see the glorious tiled bathrooms on Pinterest and long to take a bath in that ginormous tub!

We see the SuperMom who does all sorts of wonderful things with her children and still has time to keep her home immaculate and organized.

We see the woman bragging about all the things her child can do and say and how they are above average according to all standards!

What we don't see are the women who are hurting. The woman whose child isn't sleeping. The woman who has been going back and forth between physical therapy sessions for her child that is developmentally delayed. The woman who feels like she is constantly with her counselor. The woman who burns every meal she cooks. The woman whose husband lost his job. The woman who can't keep a clean house no matter how hard she tries. The woman who is stressed because she doesn't have help at home. The woman whose husband is serving our country across the globe.

I want to put it out on the table that this blog is a place where I write about positive things. You don't see every thing about my life. I NEVER intend to make my life look perfect on the outside by boasting and bragging. We don't spend our days going to the zoo, the beach, and making playdough. Most days are boring days that I don't find worth sharing... We have our own struggles that may make it to blogland one day, but for now we continue to work on them.

I came across a verse the other day and it was so powerful that I need to share with this world that so often compares.

"We do not dare classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. We, however, will not boast beyond proper limits, but will confine our boasting to the field God has assigned to us..."
2 Corinthians 10:12-13

I write this to encourage you and me. When we read things on the internet, keep in mind that we are seeing a snapshot of someone's life. Nobody's life is perfect - although some are presented that way.

I pray God gives us a feeling of worthiness! You are worthy! God put you in the role as wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter (and if any men read are in the role as husband, father, friend, brother, son) for a reason! To His glory! Amen!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Why, hello there! Did you forget about me?

This little blog has been neglected as a result of taking care of 2 precious boys and trying to keep a clean house! I find that I can't put too many things on my plate or something really falls apart! My house was the thing that was falling apart and it was driving me nuts!! I cannot function when my house is a mess. It's so stressful to live amongst clutter and junk! However, I wasn't doing anything to help the situation.

I'm going to leave you with my new favorite picture of the two little men in my life that I am blessed to call my sons! I am so thankful to stay at home with them!
I hope to be more intentional about blogging and taking pictures this year! I love to be able to show our family that lives far away what is going on in our lives. If I can keep up with the things that NEED to get done, I will have time for other things I WANT to do! Here's to using my time more wisely in 2012!

I'm going to go unload the dishwasher now.....