Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun and Sand

Our family LOVES the beach. I mean we would totally live there if we could afford it. However, we get by on squeezing in trips as often as we can. Usually we only go for 2 or 3 days. It's enough to tease us, but we take what we can get!

Our beach of choice is Hilton Head Island. We love the relaxed-golfing-preppy-southern-lowkey-family friendly environment. Sam may not agree with the preppy/southern part of that sentence, but I like it!

It was a risk taking Isaac on this trip because we didn't know how he would handle being outside all day long. We had shade, but it would still be warm. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to spend all day in the hotel... That would not be so enjoyable.

He was fabulous! He slept pretty much any time he was outside...on the beach, by the pool, whatever!
Another fun thing about this trip is that Michael is at a great age now where we could sit by our tent and watch him walk back and forth to the water. It gave us some time to relax a little bit.
But, Sam can only relax for so long. Soon he's digging holes and burying his son in the sand. I think all boys do this at the beach...
We went out to eat and had some incredible seafood and enjoyed some live music and some ice cream. We enjoyed the night life.
When are we going back!?

Memorial Day Parade

Well since the fourth of July is coming up, I thought it would be a great idea to finally post pictures from the Memorial Day Parade! Red, White, and Blue all around!

I love parades. I love the cheesyness of them. My husband? Not so much! I know he made a huge sacrifice taking his family to the parade this year. It was even his idea! I know he offered just because he knew I would jump at the opportunity! Thanks, Babe!

We met Sam's parents there and also our good friends, Jennie and Michael and their 2 sweet girls! It was so much fun to enjoy the festivities with good company!
This was Michael and Isaac's first parade, but Isaac didn't seem to care so much...
Michael got a great seat! He got so much attention and he had no problem running out to the participants to get some candy!
The shriners ended the parade with the best entertainment. The zipped and zoomed in these little miniature cars. So neat to watch. Of course Michael loved it!
This little camper reminded us of Sam's Grandpa...but he would prefer a big RV to this little ol' thing! :)
It was a hot day and we had some sweaty faces, but it was so much fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


They look so much alike! I wonder if they will continue to look alike as Isaac gets older....
2011-06-13 1
I put Isaac in the same onesie that Michael was wearing in his picture, but you can't really tell. I'm glad I got these pictures yesterday because our dog ate the onesie last night! She's a trouble-maker like that...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pickin' Strawberries

While we were in Blue Ridge, we stopped by Mercier Orchards for their U-pick strawberries. We bought our baskets and hopped on the blue tractor and rode up the hill to the strawberry patch.

There was a man giving us instructions during the ride. His number one instruction was to taste the strawberries before you even put one in your basket and to continue eating them every once in a while as we picked them! Well, Michael had absolutely no problem with that!
Look at those dirty fingernails...oh my!
I really am not a huge fan of strawberries unless they have lots of sugar, are really gooey, and are eaten over some fresh baked p0und cake, but these were the absolute BEST strawberries I've ever had. They were red and juicy all the way through! I probably ate most of that basket...rarely sharing with my family!
We had so much fun! The fun part about this orchard is that they do all sorts of different fruits during the different seasons. They're about to have cherries and blueberries! They have apples in the fall. They also have the cutest little gift shop with the BEST strawberry pepper jelly (that I eat with cream cheese and crackers....yum!)

We will DEFINITELY be going back!

Chugga Chugga....

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to visit my Dad's cabin in Blue Ridge. My brother and his family came to visit on Saturday and we took the Blue Ridge Train to the border of Georgia and Tennessee.

Michael loves trains and has never been on a real passenger train before (actually, after I think about it, I had never been on a real passenger train before). I knew he would love it!
Michael and Kennedy loved spending time with each other!
We got to meet the conductor! I told Michael that it was like Mr. Topham Hat from Thomas. He liked to look at him, but did not want a picture with him. The funny thing is that when the conductor came around to punch our tickets, Michael looked up at him with wide eyes and this face of amazement and said "Mr. Topham Hat!". So funny! Not sure if the conductor liked being compared with that guy, but I'm sure he gets it all the time!
After the hour-long train ride, we stopped for lunch at a good ole' BBQ place, walked around the town a bit, and got back on the train to head home.
Then we cooled off with a Yoo-Hoo and some ice cream!
Isaac slept through most of our train adventure, but I'm sure he just loved it!

And just for kicks...here's that sweet little man! I feel like most of my pictures of him are in his carseat or when he's asleep! He makes this funny face all the time and it just cracks me up!