Monday, February 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I went in for my monthly doctor visit and discovered that my blood pressure was elevated. I was hooked up to the non-stress test to monitor the baby for a while and then sent to the hospital so they could monitor my blood pressure.

I obviously wasn't expecting anything other than the usual "Do you have any questions?", "No", "Ok, we'll see you in a month!" So, the hospital visit threw me for a loop! I had absolutely no issues with my first pregnancy and this was all new to me!

I was ordered to be on bed-rest through the weekend and was reevaluated the following Monday. At that point, I was officially put on bed-rest and told that I could not go back to work for the remainder of my pregnancy. It was crazy news to hear! I was only 30 weeks! The good news is that I do NOT have preeclampsia yet, but they are trying to prevent that from happening this early in my pregnancy. The only way to "cure" preeclampsia is to deliver the baby and we are praying that does not happen anytime soon!

My last two doctor visits have been great! My blood pressure is lower and Isaac is measuring right on track! I'm feeling good and not feeling any symptoms of high blood pressure. However, that's what makes bed-rest hard. I feel lazy when I lay around all day. But I know that's what's best for Isaac and me, so that's what I do - lay around all. day. long.


Bed-rest can be a bummer, but I am thankful for this:
  • Parents and in-laws that are incredible at helping! My mom has come up a couple of times and brought tons of food. My in-laws take Michael for the day and make sure he's entertained! My dad is taking Michael for a weekend soon! I am blessed so much by the parents in my life!
  • Devouring my stack of books... finally!! I just finished reading Reshaping it All by Candace Cameron Bure and Life of the Beloved by Henry Nouwen. Both great reads! Now I have about 8 more in my stack.
  • Having more time to read my Bible and pray. I serve a healing God and I know that He is why my blood pressure has been down lately! Thank you Jesus!
  • I get weekly ultrasounds to look at my baby boy! LOVE this!
  • I was forced to eat healthier and I'm glad! I cut out my two loves - Coca Cola Classic AND sweet tea. No more fast food. I've become very aware of the sodium in the foods I eat. I'm eating more fresh foods, etc...
  • I've caught up on all my DVR'd shows and I've learned more about what's happening in the world by watching FOX news. I don't watch the news - ever - so, it's all new to me!
  • I'm saving gas money by not driving anywhere but the doctor. And, with prices rising, we're saving a lot of money!
I will post updates if anything changes. Please pray that Isaac will continue to grow and that all my levels will stay somewhat normal to prevent a pre-term delivery!

Ok- back to resting. I also have some pictures from a while ago that I need to blog about. Another positive to bed-rest... catching up on blogging!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catching up...

It's been a while since my last post, so here's what you've missed in our lives:

-Sam and I celebrated our 8th anniversary in Atlanta! He got me tickets to see West Side Story and made reservations at Ruths Chris Steak House...YUM! We spent the night in a hotel and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning! With it being the busiest time of year for us (basketball season), it's hard to find even a day to spend with each other and celebrate our anniversary. I was so thankful for Sam to be off on a Saturday night! I'm thankful for him and for our marriage and I pray for many more years together!

-I tried to dye my hair a light brown and it turned a little reddish. It's lightened up a lot, but that's why you may notice my hair isn't quite as blonde. I know it's a little vain of me to talk about my hair, but I'm pretty sure I was made to stay blonde, no matter my "natural" color hair... ha! I plan on making a hair appointment before Baby Isaac gets here so he can see his mama the way she's supposed to look! :)
-I'm 28 weeks along in my pregnancy! Time has really gone by fast, but I feel like these last 12 weeks are the longest to get through. I still continue to feel great and Isaac is growing right on track. I'm getting larger and larger by the minute these days. These are some things I've heard over the past week:
-"Are you sure you're not having twins?"
-"How far along are you? You look like you're about to pop!"
-"Your belly is bigger than mine!" - said by a girl who is 36 weeks

Wow... sure makes a pregnant lady feel great!!

On another note, I am one of four women in my small group expecting a baby. We've really enjoyed going through this time together! It's fun to share stories and anticipation with each other. We threw a shower for my friend Jennie last weekend and were able to capture the four of our bellies together. Jennie is on the far left and she is due in just a few weeks!