Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Basketball Mission Trip

The Dominican Republic is a country that is close to our hearts. Sam has been there many many times and I have joined him on several trips. Sam has had two dreams when it comes to mission trips in the DR- He wanted to facilitate a basketball mission trip as well as a family mission trip. Both of his dreams came true this summer.

Sam worked with some friends of ours from Indiana. They taught mini-clinics for young Dominican boys as well as played in basketball tournaments with the Dominican semi-pro teams. They were able to share the love of Christ all while playing sports! I just love that these "cool American guys" were able to demonstrate how it looks to be a man of God - a man of courage, integrity, and honor.

The pastor that we partner with, Quina, was at all the games to cheer for her boys. She even wore her Bethel t-shirt to show her support! She's the lady in the blue t-shirt...

This trip was so life-giving to Sam. He was in a place that he loves dearly, playing a sport that he loves, and sharing about a God that he lives for. It's pretty amazing how everything came together. Hopefully this trip will happen again.

After the basketball/mens trip was over, the kids and I boarded a plane with Sam's parents to join him in ministry.... Stay tuned for the next post!

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