Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dominican Vacation

After our time of ministry, we ended our trip with a little family vacation. The Dominican beaches are so beautiful. I'm a little spoiled by them actually! Sam and I laugh all the time and say, "You know people come here for their honeymoon, right? We do this every summer!"

I don't take it for granted that we get to vacation in the Carribean. I am so thankful that we are able to do it! 

We spent some much-needed family time together. We were completely unplugged from the world around us. It was just us, the turquoise ocean, unlimited fruity drinks, and amazing food!

This resort was great! Sam and I love having a variety of restaurants and food choices and this one did not disappoint. We had Mexican... delicioso!

Japanese Hibachi grill & sushi. Isaac loved the sushi. He ate it better than he ate the whole time in the DR! So funny!

We also had Italian and "American"/Steakhouse food. Everything was so good.

We loved watching the show every night. It's definitely put together for tourists, but it's very entertaining and usually hilarious!

We loved our time in the Dominican. Sam has passed his love for this country onto a little four-year-old boy. Michael cried the night we got home saying that he missed it. It was heartbreaking to see him so sad, but Sam also felt a little joyful knowing that his son is just like him.

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